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Is the alcohol in hair products a health hazard?

Hi Beauty Brains,
I use hairspray every day, and its an absolute necessity for me. It got me thinking, the first ingredient on the label of my hairspray (Tresemme extra hold hairspray) is "alcohol den at." I'm not concerned about the alcohol drying out my hair, but rather, I'm worried about the fumes. Even if I use it in a well-ventilated area and try not to breathe in it, I'm concerned about the effects it will have on my lungs since I use it every day, and have, for a number of years. I have tried switchung to other hairspray brands, but I simply cannot switch - I love my current hairspray too much! What are your thoughts on this?

I remember one of your posts where you discussed how formaldehyde has been banned in some hair products, as it was a carcinogen, and especially dangerous for the workers at salons. Alcohol is in many hair care products, and although it may not as serious as formaldehyde, is the long term usage of these products a concern?


  • Hi Janelle, alcohol is well regulated in cosmetics (as well as other products) and I've never seen any data to suggest that it poses a danger when used as you described. These types of products have been on the market for many years and if there's was a serious health hazard it's highly likely we would have found out about it before now.  
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