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Bovine stem cell facial

I'm an aesthetician in California and I recently started working a a new spa that offers a stem cell facial using bovine stem cells from DNA skin (these products!dna-cryostem-therapy-products/c1ux3).
We had training yesterday but I'm still skeptical as to how it would even work. Unfortunately we weren't given any notes to read and the woman didn't seem to be able to answer my questions regarding how bovine stem cells and DNA can even communicate with human DNA and tissue. There is apparently a study but she didn't have a copy of it for me and couldn't tell me what journal it had been published in. I had a brief look on pubmed last night and came up short.

SO. I would like to know what the beauty brains think?

I know you've discussed plant stem cells before but these are bovine and are frozen after (and this was all she could tell me about the washing process) going through 3 petri dishes until we take it out of the freezer for use in the treatment. We have to use gloves, a face mask and a sterile pipette to extract the stem cell derived serum. It apparently repairs cells and creates younger cells.

Unfortunately there's and awful lot of bullshido in this industry, I'm yet to meet a rational esthetician that doesn't fall hook, line and sinker for less than evidential ingredients and modalities that are taught to them by companies without questioning anything but this one seemes like a lot of trouble and fanfare for something that doesn't work.


  • I'm not familiar with this particular product but I did just finish reading some research that indicates topical growth factors, like stem cells, MAY provide some benefit on skin. If you can remind the person to find the study that you mentioned I'd be happy to take a look at it. 
  • I have requested it today and will forward when I receive it. Thanks!
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