Cosmetic Science Lies from a Harvard student

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I was recently reading an Instagram post by a British blogger who cited a letter written by a Harvard business student to l'oreal. L'oreal had offered an internship to her, but she wrote a rebuttal email in reply. The problem I have with the letter is she is spreading lies about cosmetic science. She mentions parabens as being unsafe, but even I, a high school student (well one who is interested in cosmetic science), knows that parabens are safe. She cites the EWG, which we know isn't the best source for information. It is quite the shame in my opinion that she is doing this since she is spreading it via her blog and social media, even though she doesn't really have the knowledge or authority to be doing so. She is after all a Harvard business student, not a Harvard science student. Since she is a Harvard student, people are more likely to believe what she has to say (like the blogger), even though she doesn't have any real knowledge (it appears) about cosmetic science. 
Here's a link to the site (which in my opinion has the tinge of not being knowledgable about cosmetic science):

I noticed on twitter that she was contacting a lot of news outlets, which clearly shows her true intentions: to get viral fame and push her message further, which can't be good. The post has somewhat succeeded by it becoming semi-viral which can't be good, since it might brain wash more people into believing what she said. Here's a link to a different site:

There is a post on the blog that states: "For natural hair in particular, any amount of sulfates are the devil" , which clearly shows they need to do more research.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!


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    *Sigh* You're right, Ling, the way this blogger is spreading misinformation is a shame! Despite facts to the contrary, people really want to believe that the cosmetic industry is unregulated and that certain ingredients are bad (like parabens.)  
  • Reading that post, I think she's angling for an EWG internship so she can master the use of scare tactics ^_^
  • LOL. Yes, she'd fit right in at the EWG!
  • Although, reporting from the ground floor of the cosmetics industry, the average consumer is not as scared of parabens as she was a few years ago. I'm experiencing approximately 1 in 100.
    I wonder what the new fear ingredient will be, feels like the beginning of a new cycle.
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