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Hair steamer beneficial to hair?

I was looking online for a hair steamer. I thought before I buy its hair steamer beneficial to hair and a hair steamer is expense 400 to 600 dollars. I did some research I found a site that said there are not many studies for hair steaming, how companies use bogus lies. Also steaming your is damaging to your hair and how the hair lose elasticity. Is this true? How much time etc if steaming hair is beneficial. I usually apply coconut oil, olive oil over night then apply condition and steam from shower. It works wonders. My hair be so soft from the coconut oil and olive oil. Then the steam helps me to detangle my thick curly hair and make it so soft. Also my hair be so moisturize too....


  • I'll see what I can find out about this. 
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    Yeah Hair steamer is very beneficial for hair. My hair dresser told me the benefits of using hair steamer. Well, can you guys help me in selecting best flat iron for my sister? Actually her old one is so bulky. I want to gift her lightweight flat iron.
  • I haven't been able to find much solid information on these hair steamers but from a mechanistic point of view I don't see any reason why they would benefit hair. At best, steam would temporarily increase the moisture level of hair. However, the hair will quickly equilibrate to the level of external humidity so there's really no benefit. Could the steam damage hair? I suppose so but the temperature of steam is well below that of flat irons and blow dryers so I don't think it poses a big danger. 

    If these things really do cost almost $500 I'd certainly want to be sure of a benefit before spending that kind of money!
  • Steamers don't make much sense to me and, in the absence of any scientific support for their use, I'll stay away.

    However, am I correct in thinking that it is a good idea to warm up oil-based treatments a bit and  use a plastic shower cap to trap body heat while conditioning? Things like coconut oil are runnier and penetrate hair better with use of a bit of heat... Also, I'm curious about your opinion on the so-called "greenhouse effect" - is it total bunk or could there be any benefits to it?

    Jairo98, I would think that the best flat iron is the one that's never used, I'm afraid. You might want to look into protein denaturation that happens with high heat.
    I think if you must use it, go with the lowest heat setting and no more than one quick pass for each section on dry hair with heat "protectant" on it.

    Just in case, here are some studies on heat-styling damage (flat-iron damage is similar to damage from  curling irons and worse than from blow-dryers on high heat setting):

    degradation of hair. I. Effect of curling irons:

    of thermal treatments with a curling iron on hair fiber:;

    shaft damage from heat and drying time of hair dryer:

  • Regarding the "greenhouse" effect: I've never seen any data suggesting that trapping body heat helps ingredients penetrate. 
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