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What do you think about liposoma creams?

 Is it true that a lipsoma cream can penetrate the skin deeper, and also "lead" the other good ingredients deeper in the skin?
Thank you in advance, :-)



  • Are you talking about a cream made with liposomes? If so then the answer is yes. Liposomes are a type of encapsulate used to help (some) ingredients penetrate. Of course how well it works depends on the specific formula, the type of liposome used and the kind of ingredients it contains. 
  • Yes, I mentioned cream made with liposomes, thank you for your answer! :-) Maybe once you could write a whole article, I would like to get to know more about it. I would like to know deeper, how they work. Do you know maybe a trustable, authentic source, where I can read more in the topic? I was lost a bit, when I was searching on the internet, did not know, which source is reliable for sure. Thanks. :-)
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