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Is hair spray drying or damaging to the hair itself?

edited December 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Most hair sprays contain alcohol.  Are they just drying to scalp, or could they cause damage to my hair itself?  Assume that I use other products to condition and protect my hair. 


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    As a footnote: they hurt my lungs.  Are they actually harmful to breathe, or just uncomfortable?  I try to hold my breath, but I'm finding my trachea just kind of irritated.  Recently made a foray into hair spray for the first time because I am trying out a curling iron and I need something for hold.
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    The particles of alcohol from a hairspray are very small and evaporate very quickly. That's why hairspray's dry so fast. They won't do any damage to your hair or scalp. 

    Hairsprays are "inhalation tested" to make sure they don't enter too far into the lungs. Of course if you're sensitive to any particular ingredients you should probably avoid them. You might try a mousse or gel which has similar holding ingredients. 
  • Thanks Randy!  My lungs seemed to adjust to the hairspray, so no worries there.  I must have sprayed too much the first couple of times I used it.  I think the greater worry is the curling iron itself.  I love the look it gives, but I have fine hair that is somewhat damaged from highlighting, so I think I'd best reserve the curling iron for special occasions.  But good to know I can safely use the hairspray more often to do stuff like keep my hair off my face.
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