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Best conditioner for fine hair?

edited December 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
I have ultra fine hair that is also damaged from highlighting.  I am thinking of dialing down the highlights and going closer to my natural shade because of the damage, but that's another story.  I have never found a conditioner that doesn't weigh my hair down and ruin the style.  So my current compromise is to use conditioning styling products (one of which is a blend of oils and cones, which I use sparingly) and leave off the conditioner when I wash my hair.  Just wondering if anyone (especially a brain) has a recommendation for a light conditioner that I could add to my regimen to help protect my hair a little better from dryness and breakage.  Or is it okay to just use conditioning styling products if that works for me?

Thanks, Sarah


  • The problem with using conditioning styling products is that they don't protect your hair at a very critical stage - when you're drying and detangling wet hair. You might try using a leave in conditioner as a rinse out. Leave in products aren't designed to stick to hair as well (since they don't have to withstand rinsing) but they are made without some of the "heavier" ingredients that may be weighing down your hair. You might find a leave in that gives you the right balance of conditioning without weigh down.  
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    Thanks, Randy!  Actually, though--the conditioning styling products I use are ones that you put on your hair wet, so more like a leave in.  I use a styling "whip" (kind of a conditioning mousse) and a light application of a conditioning "oil" (really silicones plus oils).  I do this before I comb or dry my hair.
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