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Will this do anything for my hair?

edited December 2014 in Ask the Beauty Brains
Before reading this  I ordered this:  I noticed that it actually has one of the ingredients you mention here (quaternium 70), but low on the ingredients list.  So perhaps it might to some degree protect from heat styling?  I don't know.  Maybe it's just useless--I was trying to find a way it could be useful somehow.  I have since ordered the split end mender.


  • We've never tested this Joico product but it does have a good slug of silicones so I would expect it would smooth and protect hair from heat pretty well. (It certainly won't mend split ends, however.)  If you like the way it makes your hair feel - use it!
  • Thanks, as always, Randy!  I actually don't find this any more conditioning than the leave-in I was already using, but what are you going to do--have to experiment sometimes, and it got rave reviews.
  • Something weird happened.  Don't know what to make of this.  I am finding that this "reconstructor," which is loaded with proteins, has an unintended (but nice) effect.  It actually makes my fine hair look thicker.  I would have thought it would be the opposite--that it would weigh my hair down.  But it doesn't at all.  Is it possible it's coating each hair with the proteins and making it appear thicker in diameter?  I have to be careful with it, though, because it seems to make my hair stickier and I have to condition well so that combing through doesn't cause snags.
  • Leave on products do coat the hair, although it's not necessarily the proteins. It also increase friction between hair shafts which boosts volume. 
  • @RandyS, what do you think about this idea of hydrolyzed proteins "filling in porosities
    and also forming a light surface
    film" in porous hair?  See second image.  It isn't that I think the effect is permanent, but if they are hydrolyzed, can they temporarily fill in the porous areas or no?
  • Proteins are beneficial to hair because they're film formers than can help smooth and protect. When they're hydrolyzed the proteins are chopped up into little pieces that don't really do much of anything.  
  • Okay, thanks.  This definitely seems to do something to my hair that other products with cones in them don't do, so I wonder if it's the proteins.  The hair damage is still there, but less visible, and my hair feels and looks thicker, which is weird (and the opposite of what cones usually do).
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