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Is there a logic to the color of shampoo or conditioner

Is there any logic to using a clear shampoo versus a creamy or white one? Is the creaminess of a conditioner a guide to its effectiveness?


  • There are conditioning agents that can be incorporated into clear shampoos (e.g., Polyquaternium 7 and 10) . However, they are not the most effective type of conditioners. The most effective conditioning shampoos use conditioning agents (e.g., dimethicone) that must be emulsified which typically lead to creamy formulas.

    HOWEVER, it's easy to make a clear shampoo with no conditioning appear to be creamy. So that means that creamy shampoos are the most conditioning but not all creamy shampoos have enough conditioning agents. 

    Did that help or did I just make things more confusing for you?   
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