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Why does my hair feel so much better after a salon visit?

After I visit my stylist my hair is soft, shiny, not flyaway (and she doesn't dry it, it just is like that when it dries).  I cannot recreate the effect even when I buy the products she uses.  Is it the water?  I have a home water softener but maybe it's not as good?


  • It's hard to say without knowing exactly what the stylist does to you your. You say the doesn't dry it but does she cut it? (That would get rid of fly aways.) Flat iron it? (That would certainly smooth it.) 

    She must be doing something else besides just washing and conditioning it.  
  • Thanks Randy.  No heat at all.  The visits are for high and lowlights, mostly.  Sometimes a trim.  But it seems like when I wash my hair  a couple of days later I should be able to re-create the feeling.  Sigh.  OH WELL.  She's just magic I guess.
  • I have a related question, but I don't know if you can answer it with out knowing (or googling standard salon ingredients for red dye and any other stuff they have to add to my hair in the application)

    My hair, Omg, my hair is freaking perfect, until it gets roots, and they bake it in that crazy dome head heat applicator of doom. But I gotta say, it's so much better than bottle dyed red hair, and it looks so much more natural, the coverage is perfect, and my hair came out feeling and looking like those girls in the pantene commercials with the perfect cascading fan of hair. It was a miracle. I am so doing it again. (My hair totally looks like Kirsten Dunst's in the first Spiderman) it's soooooo cute. =^-^=

  • Rungrace01, it's likely that whatever shampoo and conditioner she's using works very well with your hair. Or if she's crafty, she may be dosing your color with coconut oil (I've met a few hairdressers who've tried this and swear by it)
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