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Please help me to understand more about how these ingredients work.

Hi, Im Phuong. I live in Vietnam. Im 19 years old. I started my skincare routine 4 months ago. I realized that Im allergic to fatty alcohol, unfortunately they appear almost everywhere. I try to reduce as much as possible. Now it only appear as Cetearyl Alcohol in my Physiogel cleanser, which I didnt get a break out from because I just left in my face for 1 minute (but after cleansing I still have some red areas on my face which I believe are blind acne, and talk about Cetearyl alcohol, I did use a cleansing milk in the past, which I left on my face for more than 2 minutes and I probably did not remove completely so I got break out 2 weeks later) So that now you know Im super allergic to fatty alcohol, and suprisingly I just got to find that my favourite exfoliate cream Ducray Keracnyl Regulating Complete cream has Cetearyl Alcohol. Im kinda frustrated and confused, I used it like 2-3 times a week, no wash off. So can you tell me that Im not YET breakout cause im not using it everyday or because of the exfoliate ingredient that control over Cetearyl Alcohol? Can you tell me how it work on each other cause I really want to know how ingredient works. Thank you Biểu tượng cảm xúc smile


  • That's really interesting, I just found out that they have two ways of formulating that particular alcohol. I wonder if one way of making it vs. the other, has something to do with the allergy. I don't know. I'm new.

    Lols, I love it when I'm right. I googled for you, and right away I found information to back up my initial thought, but this site is really comprehensive. Read this until you have read the safety thing. Basically if you must use Cetearyl acl, try to use it made from it's plant based form.

    HOWEVER, this may not be the whole story. You may reacting for another reason, perhaps because the products with fatty acids are being used in conjunction with cetearth-20. I know from exp on the devastation this can cause for sensitive skin especially when trying Retin-A.

    Here is a friendly list of almost everything you might need to w/o Cetyl/Cetearyl/Stearyl Alcohol.

    Even this might not be the exact reason.  Allergies tend to be not so much a cosmetic problem, but an Ig response thing, and since those are tiny and inside of you, it's probably better to avoid the trigger if you're sure it's fatty acids causing the issue.

    But don't just take some stranger on the internet's word for it, I would wait for the guys to chime in. I have no professional back round, it just sounded interesting so I wanted to learn more for myself. Feel better!

    Also here is this, which is kinda what you asked for, I tend to kinda do things out of order. :P

  • Hi Phuong, another thing. It doesn't sound like you're allergic, an acne breakout is different from an allergic reaction. The best explanation I've ever read about the different types of skin sensitivities is from a woman called Dr. Leslie Baumann. She has a very good book out and a great online resource which can help you figure out your skin and what to use.
  • ^ That too, I can't believe I didn't mention that first. Sometimes an acne break out can look like an allergic reaction depending on cleansers and your skin. Nice one BB,  I will have to check into that myself actually, her book. TY

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