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Can you write another book guys? :D

Hey look, Lead in Lipstick, Genius, but you guys aren't a one trick pony, (I'll leave you two to argue which of you is the head, and which is the butt in this metaphorical pony suit. :P) I believe to reallllly wet people's willys would be another book! Maybe explaining the latin on the back of their products, and how they work with the other chemicals. I think this would be a desirable index to anyone who genuinely wants to know more about they are buying, or people who want a desk reference for when they're making cosmetics. You guys, not only have the knowledge, but the skillset to do it. :D You know like a for dummies cosmetics chemicals index.

If that doesn't work you can always sell sexy calendars on Amazon. :D


  • Sexy calendars on Amazon. LOL! 

    Actually we're starting work on a new book right now. Stay tuned! 
  • ZOMGZ!!! REALLY!? *Clings to the edge of the seat* I'm so excited, can you guys leak deets on what this one may be about? Or is it like top secret? :o

  • Tippy top secret at this point. But maybe we'll do a teaser trailer just for you...
  • Really!? That would be epic!!! OMG!!! I feel SO SPECIAL. I would love that! :D  It seems the trailer should be bumped to tippy top most priority! :O :-*
  • In your forthcomming book!  I would like to see ingredient chemical names listed, like a dictionary of what they are.  

  • Interesting idea, RG. Our book is going to focus on anti-aging ingredients so I expect we'll be using an approach similar to what you described. 
  • Well, maybe instead, you got book # 3!!! Oh wow, I sat at my lap top trying to find a way to word that! That's exactly what I tried to get across! You could really set your price with something like that too. TY Runegrace01 for eloquently suggesting that!

  • Add me to the camp that would love an ingredient book. 
    Or just maybe, maybe an online cross referenced fully searchable ingredient dictionary that's easily searchable and findable on Google like those nitwits on EWG, yet it's actually scientifically accurate and helps dispel myths....

    Be still my heart.

    Can I offer my free services in making that happen if you guys ever decided to do it? 
  • Great idea! But even with your help I think we're understaffed for that one!
  • Understaffed? Did I mention I would be a willing intern! And I'm super effective! (Or good for wearing cute outfits, doing desk work, and being a gopher for coffee.) Anything to see to the addition of works of literature! For whatever reason cosmetic science reference books are like the only books in science I don't see people really spilling the latest, and greatest into text book format. I mean I have books in all my other areas of interest collected relatively easily on my shelves, except for cosmetic science. I am willing to help too. And wear skirts! :o
  • "and wear skirts." lol. 
  • Oh, whatever, if you guys could get a bunch of us to show up dressed all cute while you worked on your next book to do things like research the next topics for your next on air show with the sources highlighted for review, bringing you coffee, and donuts, and wearing skirts, you two would LOVE it. You'd would be like rock stars of cosmetic science, your peers would be super jealous.

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