Can you write another book guys? :D

Hey look, Lead in Lipstick, Genius, but you guys aren't a one trick pony, (I'll leave you two to argue which of you is the head, and which is the butt in this metaphorical pony suit. :P) I believe to reallllly wet people's willys would be another book! Maybe explaining the latin on the back of their products, and how they work with the other chemicals. I think this would be a desirable index to anyone who genuinely wants to know more about they are buying, or people who want a desk reference for when they're making cosmetics. You guys, not only have the knowledge, but the skillset to do it. :D You know like a for dummies cosmetics chemicals index.

If that doesn't work you can always sell sexy calendars on Amazon. :D


  • Sexy calendars on Amazon. LOL! 

    Actually we're starting work on a new book right now. Stay tuned! 
  • ZOMGZ!!! REALLY!? *Clings to the edge of the seat* I'm so excited, can you guys leak deets on what this one may be about? Or is it like top secret? :o

  • Tippy top secret at this point. But maybe we'll do a teaser trailer just for you...
  • Really!? That would be epic!!! OMG!!! I feel SO SPECIAL. I would love that! :D  It seems the trailer should be bumped to tippy top most priority! :O :-*
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