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On acne stickers

edited March 2015 in Ask the Beauty Brains
I recently discovered that these exist via and it looks like, thank goodness, research also exists to confirm that they work.

Acne stickers with hydrocolloid can prevent touching, but the hydrocolloid itself also expedites healing and reduces the profile of acne by absorbing pus. I'm super intrigued by these but am also concerned: the bandage company Nexcare is leading the market on this, but as far as I can tell, their product actually does not contain hydrocolloid. This hasn't stopped bloggers from reporting that it does, but the company and its packaging makes the same claims as a hydrocolloid product can without actually ncludīng any.

I was wondering if anyone can confirm this?


  • Interesting question. I'll look into it. 
  • The only ingredient list I could find (from Makeup Alley) says this product DOES contain hydrocolloid and ethylene oxide.

    To be honest, I'm not sure the hydrocolloid is critical for the product to work. 

    I hope this helps - if I find out anything else I'll let you know. 
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