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Microbes, If you don't know, they're freaking amazing, and also something to be respected. They have been on this marble a looooot longer than we have, and were the first to carve their start out of the primordial ooze. Even though we homo sapiens like to think our adaptability sets us apart, really we kid ourselves because, next to microorganisms, we're kids in capes, and they're the X-Men of genetic mutation, and adaptability. They even play swapsies freely with genetic coding either amongst themselves or with other organisms.

You may be thinking... Radium, this is the wrong blogging site for this kind of science oriented rambles... Hold on to your pants, I have a point, and I enjoy being long-winded!

So, you prolly have a vague idea how yearly vaccines are made, to sum it up, scientists take an educated guess of the next mutation influenza will take shape in, punch it in the face and crack and egg on and suck it up through the injection needles,cross their fingers. No need to check me on that, it's all accurate! But sometimes they get it wrong, like this year. *Performs theatrically a literal and proverbial, *cough, hack cough.* -_-; What some fans of the site might not know is that the flu virus can mutate multiple times, into new strains! It does this by jumping around between birds, rodents, and humans all in a communicable area! This is why some of you have had the flu multiple time this year, even if you had the flu shot this season, it's because the virus mutates, and you may have the previous strain's antibodies, but not the new mutation's!!! Fascinating!

It's not that antibacs are bad as far as I know, it's just that microbes are mooning us while dancing to the beat of " Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", and genetically mutating to adapt to the them, rendering antibacs in effective. (I also like the song "Cant Touch this", but I didn't think younger readers would get the reference.)           <--- Real corroborative data  :P

OR      <--- Real corroborative data  :P

Anyways jokes aside, you can look up studies on microorganisms on PubMed too they've got an obsession for studding microbes!  Also with all this said, there is still antibacs, and anti-microbials that work just fine still, anti-biotics still work effectively (sometimes) if you run them full course, as well. I didn't write all that to scare anybody, I just find them ridiculously interesting, and hope science can someday use their abilities to better help us adapt to diseases, and environmental changes.

Anywayyyyyys/finally! What does this have to do with cosmetics? Antibacterial agents, like antibacs of course!

I have a few questions here for the Beauty Brains. I am pretty sure stronger antibacs strengths for market use will only make the problem worse, so what's the industries "fix-it" solution? 

Are things essential oils (lavender) any better? Or do they like add to the problem? Or are they even still effective????

What can people with like com'ped immune systems, the elderly, or people fresh post op do to protect their skins!?

Ty for considering my questions. PS Ty for answering my previous questions!!!!!!!! :o It saves me much appreciated time knowing I don't need to fact check certain things, or have to do the work of researching my own questions that keep me up at night. Randy, if you're keeping track, the internet being accessible on our phones now, is just another reason we all should just head to the woods now if you think about it. :P The robot army plans to weaken us through sleep deprivation, in the form of words with friends, or searching the names of actors on television shows we last seen a decade or so ago.


  • We touched on this in a recent podcast. Are Lush products really self preserving?  I'm not a microbiologist but from what I understand essential oils oils are not potent enough or broad spectrum enough to make good antibacterial agents.   
  • I hear that one. Um... Does that mean Cosmetic scientists are developing antibacs without having a back round in microbiology and future ramifications. You guys consult those guys before making things like that, right to make sure something like accidental pandemic doesn't happen do to bacterial strains getting way OP, right guys?

  • Right. 
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