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Another question on plant stem cell products

Hello guys,

I was wondering what is your scientific take on this particular product?

Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex

I have alot of respect for Horst M. Rechelbacher's and his Intelligent Nurients/ former AVEDA line and I also admite the company philisophies but I was a bit stumped by this plant stem cell concept.

If I would to wager a guess, maybe its nothing more then an ultra expensive antioxidant serum.

Would be glad to hear your thoughts on this :)



  • Perry has written about this before. You might find this helpful:
  • Thanks. I've finished reading the article. I guess I am kinda disappointed that they went down this route.

  • I misread that last post by furiousagods, it read way dirtier. Anyway, to me, and just a guess, wouldn't the stem cells have to be of animal origin, preferably human dna cells to even work properly with our system? I mean, I don't actually know. I haven't googled it yet. But that's why I I personally think plant based stemcells in products are kinda BS. It just doesn't make too much sense. that, and I never really heard of them, but again... I could be wrong. It'd be like rubbing all that nonsence greenwashy stuff on your face cause it sounds good in the ingredients list.

    After reading what Perry wrote, I wonder if there is a way to play a suspend card activated effect, but in a skin cream. (Please don't laugh at my Magic the Gathering reference.) By that, I mean keeping the stem cells alive, but somehow cryogenically frozen, coated in antioxidants, then encapsulated in Q10. I mean, Idk. I bet that's dumb.

  • ....... Random and gross {WARNING} question- So, you mean, those crazy women who eat their umbilical chords and placenta post giving birth, are actually getting a huge dose of stem cells to repair the damage of child birth, and it's nooot such a absolutely insane idea, at least in theory?


    I googled it and found articles like this And maybe, putting genetically stem cells in a night cream deprived of oxygen, (pump action, air tight sealed, and darkened) and encapsulating them purposefully to deprive them of the nutrients they need, will force them into a dormant state. I don't know for how long, but it may work, and there should be some cosmetic testing done to see how long they can be kept suspended in a solution this way. I imagine that once the stem cells reach the skin, they can do it's job just fine once applied and given time but Idk, I'm not a cosmetics scientist or a medical genetic engineer or researcher.

     Also there should be cosmetic testing for stem cells to see if it can induce  Graft-versus- host disease (GVHD) for product derived from human cells now and in the future.

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