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Skin lightener help?

I am grossly under researched something called Skinwhite MSH , I have a link to where I first heard of it. I think I want to use it instead of hydroquinone. I hear it's about as effective, (Plus it might work for my friend with the exema scaring, nothing else has, its worth a shot!) Is this true? Do you know if its safe? I have no idea judging by the internet if any of this is true about it. I knew that you guys would know for sure. I read your last post about skin lighteners, I don't remember this being on there, if it was, I'm sorry!


  • We're not very familiar with this ingredient either but here's a quick summary I found from the Cosmetic Cop that gives a couple of references that maybe helpful : 

    Although this ingredient's research pales in comparison to what's known about hydroquinone and many forms of vitamin C, it is a promising ingredient that is worth considering in products meant to lighten brown spots and help even out skin tone (Sources:  Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, September 2011, pages 189–196 and December 2009, pages 260–266; and Clinical Experiments in Dermatology, July 2010, pages 476–476).
  • Thanks! I have seen that too, but I didn't think it could even out skin tone too or at least I don't have it in my notes yet, I'll add that!. That really helps to have the sources too, I really appreciate it.

    Ikr? On the Skinwhite thing? How random is that? I found it on this site where they sell ingredients. I've pretty much know of or at least heard of everything else they have, it's pretty much typical stuff, a combination of synthetics, and naturals and pigments. It stood out enough to me to want to ask you guys what you guys know. 

    Anyways, tyvm again for your time, I always appreciate it.

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