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Is it possible to remove henna from hair?


  • I've been using henna for about 4 years on my brown hair the result used to be a copper color that I liked, but this time I used a different brand and it ended up looking too red from the middle to tips. I know that lawson is a permanent dye but there's several recipes online like using alcohol with mineral there a way to remove it at least partially? I want to try something before cutting off 4 inches of hair.
  • Solvents, like alcohol, are probably your best bet but they can also be very drying to your hair. 
  • What about dye removers, like Color B4 or Color Oops? Would that be completely useless on henna?

    Alejandra, whatever you try, please do a strand test first. Henna is very, very permanent, so at least you won't damage your hair, if the strand test doesn't work.
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    Thank you guys, I used alcohol a couple of times, no results yet we will see.....about dye removers, are hard to find in my country, I got one but the instructions specifically says not to use on hair dyed with henna...About strand tests Ill defintely do it to dont screw my hair again ;)

    Ill also try a pigmented conditioner as a leave in treatment (those that contain caramel) and will post my results, thank you again.
  • When I got a  henna tattoo at the fair I let it dry, like I was supposed to, but it was gone the next day from how often I wash my hands. Maybe using like Suave or Dawn Dish soap might take it out. .I know Dawn dish soap takes out most stains in clothes, and it also undoes dreadlocks if you use a little elbow grease.

    I'm not an expert, I'm just taking a stab in the dark, but my tat, was the Triforce on the left wrist if that helps!!!

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