Is it possible to remove henna from hair?


  • I've been using henna for about 4 years on my brown hair the result used to be a copper color that I liked, but this time I used a different brand and it ended up looking too red from the middle to tips. I know that lawson is a permanent dye but there's several recipes online like using alcohol with mineral there a way to remove it at least partially? I want to try something before cutting off 4 inches of hair.
  • Solvents, like alcohol, are probably your best bet but they can also be very drying to your hair. 
  • What about dye removers, like Color B4 or Color Oops? Would that be completely useless on henna?

    Alejandra, whatever you try, please do a strand test first. Henna is very, very permanent, so at least you won't damage your hair, if the strand test doesn't work.
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