Inconsistent ultramarines stance from the FDA?

Hi everyone! I'm hoping I can get some insight into a really odd experience I had with the FDA a few months ago. I noticed a lipstick brand that blew up on Instagram was listing ultramarines in their lipstick ingredients. I sent a complaint to the FDA about it because the brand was based in the US and the FDA indicates ultramarines are not approved for use on the lips. The first response I received from the FDA was an email confirming ultramarines are not approved for use on the lips and asking me to resubmit my complaint to a different department. After I resubmitted my complaint as directed, I received a phone call from an FDA rep who said, effectively, "I don't understand the science behind it but I checked with my science team and they said it was fine."

Can anyone explain what happened here? I'm still puzzling about it months later. And for the record the brand in question has since switched to a blue dye, so the original issue is gone.


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