Will Phylia de M help grow new hair?

Hi Brains,

I just wisely purchased (fell for the marketing claims of) a three-piece starter set of Phylia de M hair products: shampoo, conditioner, and "connect" spray.  Products are supposed to work at the scalp level to encourage new hair growth. The magic ingredient is Fulvic Acid, which I Googled, and it seems to be a real ingredient.

They are expensive products, but my hair seems thinner after a cold winner, so I splurged on the set.  After a week of every other day use, my hair feels and looks healthy but I can't say definitely that it's thicker or stronger.

Do you think the Fulvic Acid in Phylia de M is worth the investment, or is it just money down the drain?

Website is: http://phylia.com/shop/. They list ingredient in the "Learn More" box for each product.

Thanks, Brains!


  • I can't find any evidence in the scientific literature that says fluvic acid is good for hair growth. I suspect this is just another example of marketing hype. 

    If you, or anyone else in the Forum, finds a good reference please let me know! 
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