Ingredients for targeting blackheads?

Is there any ingredients existing that go after the pigment of the blackheads instead of a traditional sal acid? Is there pigment in them? I know they are caused by oxidized keratin.


  • I am pretty sure Estee Lauder has a serum that basically does this.
  • I find that azelaic acid (the active ingredient in Finacea) that I use for my rosacea seems to also help my blackheads.  But I thought salicylic acid (as you mention) was the best for this.
  • And no, I didn't think they are pigment containing--I thought the dark color was just from the pore with the gunk in it (to be technical lol).
  • Actually the pigment is melanin, the same pigment that determines skin and hair color. Residual melanin granules trapped in the follicle are oxidized when exposed to air and they darken. That's why black heads are black!
  • Oh, so I was wrong.  That's what happens when you like to BS like you know what you are talking about lol...
  • Hopefully, now that you're back in our Forum, you won't have to BS much longer! 
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    And, by the way, to answer Rozy's original question there are no products that "bleach" the blackhead away. Melanin is quite stable and it requires peroxide (or similar material) at a high pH to destroy it.  Can you send me a link to the Lauder product? I'd like to check it out to make sure I'm not missing something. Thanks. 
  • Randy--would you be the right brain? I'm still getting used to you going by names. And I always thought one of the brains was a girl...
  • Sorry for the confusion over our names but here's the scoop: 

    When we started this website Perry and I (and the other chemists who contribute) were still in the corporate world and we needed to protect our identities. I would typically (although not always) post as Right Brain. 

    Now, he and I are working on the Beauty Brains full time so we're "out of the closet." However, some of our other contributors are still in "stealth mode" and will continue to use our brainy pseudonyms.  And you are correct that some of our contributors are female.   
  • Hey Rozy: Thanks for the link but I don't see any reference to this Lauder product "going after the pigment" of blackheads as you stated in your original question. Am I missing soemthing? 
  • I must have heard that in reviews let me find it.
  • "What I like about the product is the fact that it targets pore size from
    a different angle than other skin treatments on the market. The secret
    to (this product) is
    the enzyme melanase, which breaks down built-up pigments within the
    skin, and to some degree also eliminates debris within the pores."
  • Got it, thanks!
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