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Topical application of ozonated oils

Dear BeautyBrains,
I recently stumbled upon this article about The wrinkle-busting Ozone Gel that got me really interested. I googled a bit and found numerous websites selling ozonated oils for cosmetic use, e.g. the Global Healing Center, among many others.
However, I also found this post on the where the author (and the commentators) ridicule the whole idea of benefits of ozone in cosmetics (e.g. they question its stability, etc.)
What is your stand on this?
We're all about the antioxidants and now they are marketing oxidants and claiming they are good for skin?
Are those ozonated oils safe? If so, are they also safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?
I would really appreciate your opinion on this subject because I'm really confused here.
I also found some scientific articles but since I'm not very chemistry-savvy they got me even more confused.
Please do share your opinion on this.
Best regards,


  • Tihana: There may be some benefits to ozonated product for wound healing but we've never seen any evidence that oxygen is good for normal skin care. Instead of wasting your money on these, stick with products that have been proven to work like good moisturizers, retinol, vitamin C, etc.  
  • Randy, thanks for your quick reply.
    It's just that there is really a visible difference (wrinkle-wise) between the before-and-after photos in the first article so I got a bit excited and all, always being on a lookout for a new anti-aging miracle :-)
  • A. You can't trust before and after pictures. 
    B. Any improvement could be due to other ingredients in the formula. It doesn't necessarily mean it's from the oxygen. 
  • edited April 2015

  • I agree %1000 percent with Randy. I read a few articles in the link too my computer is slow, I need to call Comcast, otherwise I would have read the entire first page's worth of articles. What I did read. aggravated me, because I know my 8th grade science teacher wouldn't accept the abstracts or summaries I read for more than a C-. And I would have to say it MIGHT be good for wound healing, It seems like they're bandwagoning, and true and fair safety testing tend to fly out the door when something new and exciting comes along.
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