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What is in your shower RIGHT NOW/ What is typically in your shower, but this was on sale! :P

I've been meaning to post this for a bit. I never EVER got around to it! I'm the kind of weirdo that when I go a person's house, and I haven't used their bathroom, I try to peek what's in their shower if they leave it open..... And I blame Randy and Perry for starting my product fascination.  *ahem* Anyways. Yeah, It's a bit weird, buuuuut It kind of says a LOT about people.

Keep in mind my shower is TINY!!! D:

SHAVING- I have a Venus Embrace Razor ATM, which I swear is the best of the entire Venus line. But I'm switching to the Fusion by Gillette It's way cheaper for refills and has the same amount of blades. I got the one with the Vibration handle on sale, so I'm good to go once I run out of Venus Embrace. Oh, and I don't use shaving cream, just soap and water, the cream takes too long and it leaves rust stains, and I feel it makes hair grow back faster.

HAIR CAIR- I am embarrassed to say I don't really pay too much attention to hair care. I should. I'm just kind of terrible at doing my hair, so I feel less motivated to be into tress care. With that said I take the word of the people of who does my hair, so It's the brown Redkin shampoo and Conditioner combo. I like it. It smells like gardenia. I haven't even bothered to see what's in it. All I know is that it's supposed to prevent my hair from undyeing, and splitting.

BODYSOAP- I'll admit I typically like to use one of three soaps by LUSH for the smell, which are Dirty, Sultana of Soaps, or Sandstone, buuuut atm, I actually have a fragrance free, dye free version of Dove, and it's kind of drying my skin out. If anything, I'll go back to my old default by Dove which is their Rose bar. It smells great, and it doesn't leave my skin feeling so stripped. I just wish it was at least dye free. (Same with LUSH's soaps!!!! Omg, they're dyetastic!, it leaves a mess in my tub!)

FACIAL CLEANSER- I got this to actually go with my Retin A script. It makes me peel like a snake if I use it four days in a row with the Retin A. Which is weird. It absolutely shouldn't. It's uhhhhh. brain fart. ..... Not Cetaphill... But...CeraVe *pats brain* IT was THUPER pricey, but I had an interest in trying a formula based around ceramides. To be honest. I don't notice much of a diff, except my face is SUPER dry no matter what I do to it. (Obviously!) I think that's sort of the point. I still get black and white heads as expected with the Retin A treatment, but nothing spectacular.


  • If you're going to spend big bucks for a product with ceramides you're better off with a leave on cream rather than a rinse off cleanser. 
  • Ty for the tip, I wasn't really thinking of it like that. I need a cleanser cause I was out, and I needed a gentle one because you just do when using retin A. I saw that, and thought two birds, one stone. (I should have just picked the Cetaphill.) 

    Thanks for the tip, I honestly don't like spending tons of cash actually, but I was pressed for time, I got it at a quick stop to target with a guy friend. It's nice, because it's lasted for months so far, and I feel like I haven't made a dent in it, and I haven't used it with a sparing mentality.

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