Nail Polish - dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is this ingredient safe ?

I've got some nail polishes with DBP in them - is it safe to use ?



  • The industry is moving away from using DBP at high levels. You might find this article helpful: 

  • Hi Randy, Thanks so much for this information. On the internet there appear to be conflicting stories about DBP and it's safety. The site  is OK with DBP but some sites mention that DBP is an endocrine disruptor - this especially worries me due to having Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (it is managed well with medication) so I'm wondering if using nail polish with DBP (I've got many of those) could cause issues for this medical condition.


  • Just because something is an endocrine disrupter in lab tests doesn't mean it will have the effect under real life use conditions. However, if you have a specific medical reason to be concerned then you should skip products with DBP, if that makes you feel better.  
  • I have yet to meet a chemical that is NOT an endocrine disruptor;)  Seriously, it is claimed for a boatload of chemicals.
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