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The companies that sell these sprays claim that they will help makeup last longer and prevent it from sliding off of your face. Is there any truth to this?


  • In general, setting sprays can help by coating makeup with a waterproof spray (typically silicone based.) It certainly makes sense from a technical perspective that they could help prevent makeup from prematurely wearing off. So, yes, there is some truth to this. How well they work is another question! Maybe some of the other members of the Beauty Brains community will chime in with their experiences. In the meantime, if you have a specific product you're interested in we'd be glad to review the ingredients for you. 
  • Thanks for the reply Randy. Does this mean that in theory a silicone based foundation would last longer than a water based one?

    The product in question is this:
  • @Doffy: This product uses a variety of ingredients to achieve a setting effect. In addition to silicone it also includes acrylic polymers that can cross link to create a water proof film on your skin. 

    I'm not sure what kind of silicone and water based foundations you're looking at but again, if you have two products in mind send me the links and I'll see what I can tell.  
  • Can you check out this one while you're at it?  Click the ingredients tab to find ingredients list.
  • Hi Sarah,
    I know I'm not the brains but I can tell you from personal experience and ingredient reading that MAC fix+ is less a setting spray and more of a spray toner/weightless moisturizer. The concentration of antioxidants and hydrating agents is higher than any fixatives. I found in my experience that it worked very well to add a cooling hydration to my face post makeup and makes the makeup look less cakey, but it didn't prolong the wear of my foundation. The Urban Decay setting sprays don't have as much skincare benefit, but they definitely prolong makeup wear. Additionally, one you might want to look into is Make Up For Ever's setting spray, which is in my opinion a better version of Urban Decay All Nighter.
  • Thanks brainy!  I might try MUFE.  I'm leery of Urban Decay because absolutely all of their setting sprays have ethyl alcohol in them, and I have rosacea, for which alcohol is a potential trigger.
  • Agreed. I have sensitivities to alcohol and fragrance in general and I know that if my skin is having an off day I can't use the UD, but MUFE is always a safe bet. Plus, maybe I'm crazy, but when I use the MUFE, my skin looks plastic Barbie doll perfect, as if its frozen my fine lines and pores and filled it with spackle. Just delicious.
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