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I've got very sensitive skin and believe I am developing rosacea. I'm considering Paula's Choice products. Are they worth the money or can I get similar products for less?


  • For the most part we believe that Paula's products are very well formulated. She takes great care to avoid ingredients that can be irritating. Not every brand is that careful. You probably could shop around and find similar products that are cheaper just be sure to look for the ingredients that tend to aggravate your skin.  (Alcohol, fragrance, citrus extracts, etc.)  
  • I have Rosacea and I've had good luck with Paula's products.  I will say this: people with rosacea react to different things.  What works for one may not work for another.  Example: beta hydroxy acids (salicylic acid) are supposed to be rosacea friendly, but I find them somewhat irritating.  Not over the top irritating, but enough that I avoid them.  Paula also has some anti-aging products with retinol that aren't great for my skin, even though they're marketed as "rosacea" friendly.  So read up on common skin irritants and then see which of those bothers your skin.  Also: you may want to get a rosacea topical like metrogel.  I find if I'm using a rosacea topical daily, my skin doesn't react as much to the triggers.
  • Thank you for all the wonderful suggestions.  I'm starting to learn my triggers (non-pphysical sunscreens, citrus oils, alcohol, certain fragrances, chemical exfoliators, etc) I find I don't need anti-aging products as long as I use preventative maintenance like physical suncreens and very hydrating products. If I avoid those, I don't have irritation throughout the day.  It's just difficult to find products that don't sting on application and I'm hoping to find things that keep it from developing/getting worse.
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