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hair static

Can you remind me what ingredients I should be looking for to control static?  As I mentioned, I have fine hair.  I recently switched styling products.  The old styling product was weighing my hair down, but it was good at controlling static.  The new product gives me more volume, but doesn't control static.  So I'd like to get a conditioner or detangling spray that will do this for me, but I want to know what ingredients to look for.


  • Most oils and silicones won't help with static because they're so non-polar. Look for the "quaternium" ingredients or silicones that are "amo-" in the name. They're based on a nitrogen compound which has a charge so they're good conductors and they'll disperse the static charge. Just remember that quaternium-15 is a preservative, not a conditioning agent. 
  • Thanks, Randy:)
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