retinol, rosacea, and metrogel--oh, my!

I'm trying retinol cream again.  It's a ridiculously low concentration, which I know from previous experience was enough to cause irritation.  In a way, it's reassuring that it causes irritation, because it suggests to me that maybe it is being converted to retinoic acid in my skin.  At any rate, I wanted to give it another try, taking it slow.  I use metro gel for my rosacea.  Would I put the retinol cream on after applying the metro gel (which I use at night)?  And is a super low concentration of retinol enough to see any anti-aging benefits?


  • Since Metrogel is a prescription product you should probably check with your Derm. At a "super low" concentration retinol won't have much effect. 
  • Sounds like a plan, Randy!  I think maybe the retinol cream would be useful though as a stepping stone to higher concentrations.  Since my skin is so dang sensitive.  I'll wait until my skin is acclimated to the cream with the ultra low concentration before I graduate to higher concentrations.
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    Just out of curiosity, though, what percent retinol would you need to get some anti-aging benefits?  I'm pretty sure the product in question has .01% retinol.  And yet I still get irritation from it!
  • Somewhere between 0.5% and 1.0% seems to be pretty standard for these products. (Depending on whether the retinol is encapsulated.)
  • Okay, thanks, Randy.  I guess this product might be a chance to see if I can acclimate my skin to retinol, then, and not much else.
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