Sad about beauty products

Does anyone else just go to the beauty store now, and pick up a package and hear the word "lies" whispered in your ear? I was a beauty junkie, and now I feel like all my love of beauty products has been diminished... There's no magic in a bottle. Just your run of the mill surfectants and emollients.


  • I'm still able to be seduced by a pretty package:)
  • The exception is skin care.  I don't buy a skin care item at the beauty store/beauty counter unless it has something special about it (like I recently bought a tinted sunscreen that agreed with my skin after years of not finding one that agreed with me).  I buy moisturizers and such from the drugstore or from Paula's Choice.  But makeup I like to get at the beauty counter/beauty store and it's okay with me if I know I'm paying too much.
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