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*Personal Care Product Safety Act*

If you don't know catch the pod cast.
This is basically the the human or consumer rights we are entitled to and were waiting for!
I understand the pressures of the industry, the need to make bigger and more effective products, and I understand that there is intense competition for people like our beauty brains, but I think they should see this as an opportunity. Any cosmetics co that wants to sell in the USA will be under the SAME scrutiny now, so every company is leveled in the same ball park. And if you think, the BEST innovation was done under pressure. Think to the cold war, and WW2. There is going to be not only a revolution in the industry, but an awakening in creative thought coming from the cosmetic science community, where that ingenuity, and creative sides of your scientific mind is reawakened with a ferocious vitality that you have not had since you were in college!

My favorite thing about science is there always seems to be a way to make things work given the materials, time and your brain.

As an example, I made a necklace light up using some bare jewelry wire, A tiny hour glass vial and glad wrap, a small tin a battery from a laptop, and all the parts I needed from a random junk circuit board I found on the street, oh and matching metal chain I had in my jewelery parts drawer. The LED light even matched my dress.

The point is, just because some or most of your go to materials may be off limits for now on, that doesn't mean you can't make something incredible inexpensively.

Oh btw, I did that necklace the night before the outing :P


  • Also I might add, I don't make jewlery as a hobby either, ,,,, That was totally random which is even more to the point! ingenuity is totally just something you set your mind to,
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