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Is this formula potentially drying?

I'm trying to narrow down what's doing what to my skin.  This skinceuticals tinted sunscreen is super matte.  I notice it contains silica and talc.  Is there enough of these ingredients to dry out my skin?  For when you have time...

Thanks, Sarah


  • I can't tell how much silica and talc are in this formula just from looking at the ingredient list but my guess is less than 1%. The solvents used in the product could potentially be drying as well. Unfortunately as is the case with so many products you can't really judge all its effects just by looking at its components. 
  • Thanks, Randy!
  • Based on how my skin reacts, I think it is best that I not powder over it on my cheeks since it feels drying there and I don't need powder over top of it.  I am also moisturizing well underneath.
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