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So, I was shopping, and these were on sale... o.o (Oops, haha)

My questions for all these, is if any of you might have some fathomable idea of what I might make them into? I also have specific ones posted w/ ingredients.

Can you make fruit juice into an extract . AND does any one know any use for beauty health for this besides maybe fragrance, or somehow make up?  I don't know what kind of properties it has yet. USDA Organic Noni Juice 100% juice manufacturer- Healing Noni. Ingredients: 100% Noni Juice

Can a cooking oils be used in beauty products, I feel that it might yield unique properties. 100% "natural" Hemp Seed Oil. Manufacturer - Just Hemp Foods  This is clearly a cooking oil BTW.  ingredients 100% Canadian Hemp Seed Oil Also cold pressed mechanically, obviously w/o heat, and w/o chem. So, I guess pressurized?

Can food extractions work in place for cosmetics?
Pure Anise Extract Manufacturer-Spice Supreme Ingredients: Alcohol, Water, Anise Oil.  I know anise has applications, I just forget what, if anyone can chime in that'd be great. I could probably stand to find a better quality, but this was again on sale.

Can food extracts used for cooking work in place for cosmetics?
"All-Natural" Vanilla Extract (Non-Alcoholic) Flavor Manufacturer - Frontier Natural Products Co-Op Fair Trade Certified. Ingredients : Glycerine, Fair Trade Certified Vanilla Bean Extratives, Water, Less than 0.5% Alcohol by volume. Vanilla Beans are grown in India and apparently according to the back of the label, by "small farmers"<--- Fact. BTW, wtf ingredient is an extractive, that sure is vague. 

"All natural and Pure" 100% California Orange Blossom Honey Manufacter - California Gourmet
Does anyone know why not to feed this to babies under 1 year? Also Anyone know much about orange blossom  honey and it's properties, potential benefits?

"Traditionally Brewed" Maukan Organic Rice Vinegar from  california grown rice. 4.3 acidity diluted w/ water....

Even ideas on the honey and vinegar are welcome, I kinda, think it's more fun doing what will happen if methods based on guessing, and if I Google, I'll research so all is welcome.


  • Let me give a quick, generalized answer: You certainly can use cooking ingredients in cosmetics but what's more important is using ingredients that are efficacious. 

    For example, yes you can use fruit juice like orange juice but you'd be better off adding ascorbic acid so you get a more concentrated dose of the ingredient that actually provides the benefit. Hopefully that makes sense. 

    Also, the reason that infants shouldn't have honey is that they haven't built up an immunity to Clostridium bacteria which is in honey and which can cause infant botulism. Just call us "The Baby Brains."  
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    Thanks! I figured as much, still was good for the sale though!
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