So this came today

Oh, my.  My licorice extract came today and I *think* (no going out on a limb yet) I really like the stuff.  I mixed a drop in with my regular moisturizer.  Several hours after one application, the stinging/burning in my face went away and the redness came down.  Several areas with bumps cleared up.  I know I've spoken too soon about products before, but I really think this might be good for my skin.  Time will tell.

It wouldn't surprise me if it works for me because the first product I ever used for my rosacea that helped (before I saw my doctor and got diagnosed and given metrogel) was the eucerin redness relief line with licorice in it.


  • OOOOOOH I'm excited for you!!!! is that weird? Document results pretty please for a couple weeks though if you could. I've been really curious if it's hype, And if it works, I'll figure it out later how. 

    Congrats on the smooth sailing so far then!
  • OMG this stuff is a miracle.  Either that or the metrogel (which I'm still using) finally kicked in, but I've used metrogel nightly, faithfully for years at a stretch before, and never had results like this.  I just applied my metrogel and my licorice-moisturizer mix to my face, and looked in the mirror and saw nothing but my natural skin tone with zero red.  I haven't been able to see so clearly for a long time what my skin tone looked like because there's always so much pink mixed in.  

    And the stinging.  The stinging almost bothers me more than the look of the rosacea.  And since I started using licorice, I have basically zero stinging/burning.  Not face stinging, and not eyes stinging.  Even if I do things I shouldn't do, like wash my face more than once a day to try on different makeups.  I may be ready to try retinol again soon.  

    Seriously, they need to do a clinical trial for licorice extract.  I know Beiersdorf did some studies on the Eucerin redness relief line with licochalcone but seriously, even more potent licorice stuff could be formulated for use by prescription (or OTC).
  • This is really really good. Thanks for the links, I'll look when I can. Let's see how it runs long term, and W/other products. ☺
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