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So this came today

Oh, my.  My licorice extract came today and I *think* (no going out on a limb yet) I really like the stuff.  I mixed a drop in with my regular moisturizer.  Several hours after one application, the stinging/burning in my face went away and the redness came down.  Several areas with bumps cleared up.  I know I've spoken too soon about products before, but I really think this might be good for my skin.  Time will tell.

It wouldn't surprise me if it works for me because the first product I ever used for my rosacea that helped (before I saw my doctor and got diagnosed and given metrogel) was the eucerin redness relief line with licorice in it.


  • OOOOOOH I'm excited for you!!!! is that weird? Document results pretty please for a couple weeks though if you could. I've been really curious if it's hype, And if it works, I'll figure it out later how. 

    Congrats on the smooth sailing so far then!
  • OMG this stuff is a miracle.  Either that or the metrogel (which I'm still using) finally kicked in, but I've used metrogel nightly, faithfully for years at a stretch before, and never had results like this.  I just applied my metrogel and my licorice-moisturizer mix to my face, and looked in the mirror and saw nothing but my natural skin tone with zero red.  I haven't been able to see so clearly for a long time what my skin tone looked like because there's always so much pink mixed in.  

    And the stinging.  The stinging almost bothers me more than the look of the rosacea.  And since I started using licorice, I have basically zero stinging/burning.  Not face stinging, and not eyes stinging.  Even if I do things I shouldn't do, like wash my face more than once a day to try on different makeups.  I may be ready to try retinol again soon.  

    Seriously, they need to do a clinical trial for licorice extract.  I know Beiersdorf did some studies on the Eucerin redness relief line with licochalcone but seriously, even more potent licorice stuff could be formulated for use by prescription (or OTC).
  • This is really really good. Thanks for the links, I'll look when I can. Let's see how it runs long term, and W/other products. ☺
  • My only issue with it, and I'm not sure if it's this or the tinted sunscreen (which I have to ditch, by the way, unless I mix it with another sunscreen--way too drying on my skin)--today my whole face looks tanned, like I managed to hyper pigment my whole face:(  This has happened to me before.  But I doubt it's the licorice because that doesn't cause any irritation (quite the opposite) and when my face has hyper pigmented before it's usually from irritation.  It could be that the tint from the sunscreen hasn't been all cleansed off yet.  At any rate, the licorice has been a game changer for my rosacea.
  • That's good to hear. I would just try using a really really really good SPF for your face by Aveeno, they're usually not too irritating to your skin, unless you've had previous exp with that brand and you don't like how works with your skin. It's the brand my friend with eczema swears by. I am just so stoked for you. It's nice to hear of naturals actually living up to the hype. (Or anything living up to the hype for that matter!!!!)
  • I use a zinc oxide based sunscreen from Elta MD.  I don't care that it has MD in the name, I just like that it's a mostly physical block and agrees with my skin.
  • Oh, please! I wouldn't have thought you had purchased it for MD label That's assinine, marketers are paid to get around the FDA's labeling laws with what counts as legal. Every product has some kind of shenanigans on the label or title somewhere that is just barely passable. (Passable typically due to semantics.)

    I hear that. I have fussy skin myself, but a whooooole different reason. I have stress induce blemishes that gets pretty bad, not just that, it's the trifecta of awful, black white and micro zits So what that means for me is that I can't pop them if I tried, I just have to walk around looking sparkly and shiny in the WRONG-est way possible! Oh, and I am an adult. Someone told me this stuff was supposed to end like, hmm YEARS AGO! >.< Srry. Had a Lewis Black moment. Better now. :) Anyways, I'm going to check that block out too, I've been floating kind of winging it getting new blocks when it comes time to restock, cause I know sunblocks pretty well, and have been getting them w/anti-aging essential junk that works for my skin that I've been able to discern so far, when I can find it inexpensively.(Peptides < Ret-A when it comes to my skin, Ret-A hates me.) it's sort of like a treasure hunt lately, and I seem to have that nailed down decently, It's summer, and so far, no burns, none on my face. and I am as ghostly as they come. Anyways, got distracted, I seem to prefer Zinc as a block, I've noticed when there is greater quantities It just is a better primer, for one, a better whitener,  I feel like even though it's a bit more oily, I never get burned. Some of the other blocks drop the ball, rub off, dry, sweat off, and it's pretty useless. 

  • I know it depends on the solution whether or not Zinc blocks are oily, but I haven't really exp'ed a non-oily, and mostly zinc sunblock, just thought I'd note that.
  • Zinc oxide is just the best sunscreen active in my opinion.  It's hard to get it off--which is good if you're at the beach--and it's a UVA-UVB powerhouse that doesn't break down in sunlight (to my knowledge).
  • sarah is this one the one you use?

    Haven't tried that one yet...I tried a sample once of an eltamd sunscreen but I didn't buy it because it was a chemical block, even though I did like the way it felt on my skin (moisturizing).

    If it's this one, how "lightly" is it tinted? (I've figured out I prefer non-tinted sunscreens - I don't have to worry about staining my clothes or having my neck be a different color than my face)...but it's so hard for me to not at least TRY a new sunscreen!

    Do you find it has a matte or dewy/shiny finish?
  • Oh, by the way, I'm very fair...
  • I use the Elta MD UV Clear, which does contain octinoxate, but that doesn't bother my skin at all.
  • I tried UV physical years ago.  Now, it has since been reformulated I'm fairly sure.  I found it weird.  It actually made my skin itch so much I sneezed.  I didn't use it.  The tint is fairly subtle, I think.  I just also tried UV daily, which comes in tinted and untinted forms.  I got the tinted.  What I don't like about it is that it doesn't provide any coverage at all, but when I added a powder foundation over it, it looked cakey and powdery and wrong.  But on its own, it might be fine.  They are all somewhere in between dewy and matte imo.
  • Thanks sarahf - I know, sunscreens are hard...

    Yeah, I think chemical sunscreen ingredients don't bother my skin...I just like mineral ones better. The only chemical ones I'm kind of willing to use are for when I go to the gym...I notice that many mineral sunscreens - like the Avene one I just bought - will start coming out through my pores and "pool" in certain areas during a workout, even though it's water resistant. Not attractive...

    None of the mineral mdsolarsciences do do that...but at that price I can't afford to slather it on my arms and chest every, like I said, it does start to feel drying if I wear it several days in a row.
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