Sun protection and everyday routines

After a particularly annoying outbreak of kp on my face, I'm re-evaluating my skincare routine entirely. I think I have a new routine figured out, but I'm left with two questions before I can consider everything (more or less) settled:

1) I'm fair-skinned and in my early 20s. I already wear sunscreen every day, but would it also be beneficial for me to start mixing vitamin c in with my moisturizer for the sun damage protection?

2) My favorite body sunscreen has oxybenzone in it. Given that it's an endocrine disrupter and I use this sunscreen everywhere that's uncovered and not my face, should I switch to another sunscreen without it?


  • 1. Given the benefits that Vitamin C provides that sounds like a reasonable suggestion.

    2. I haven't seen any evidence that suggests using oxybenzone is dangerous. But if you're concerned you should switch.  
  • *Giggles at Bitter's name* Bwuahahaha, I see what you did there. :D

    In an extension of her question, could you use things like lemon juice, or citric acid, or lemon or orange essential oils in a pinch and have it work similarly, or is there huge distinction? Srry if this is a dumb question. :P
  • Citrus oils contain materials that can irritate your skin. 
  • Wow, that was a fast response. Thank you! Now to calculate how much power to add per application....
  • ArgonOilsTheNuRadium, things like lemon juice, lemon essential oil and some other EOs (especially from the citrus family) can increase skin's photosensitivity, so they can potentially increase a sunburn, even when very well diluted.

    Some things that might be worth reading on this:
    A study of the phototoxicity of lemon oil -, Some essential oils that can cause photosensitivity -, etc.

    Adding to BitterAlmonds' question about mixing Vitamin C into moisturizer, I'm curious if we need to keep the pH of the resulting mixture within a certain range for this to be effective? As far as I know, the pH has to be kept pretty low with DIY vit. C serums, for example. And what %/ratios would you recommend? Are there any things we need to be aware of when adding vit. C to products?
    Thank you very much!
  • @meteor .... Oops. I sensed it may do this, but not to such an extent. Haha, whoops.
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