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Uh-oh, I discovered this at Sephora

Now, my bathroom is a chem lab, mixing drops with everything I own...


  • Lol, I had fun with a similar makeup pigment product a while back when Halloween came around. I was a mermaid!

    If you wanna really have artsy fartsy fun, and exp with pigments of your own mix get one of those air brushes, w/o their over priced make up kits, and get on youtube, for ways to mix your own airbrush bases, and add that stuff you got from Sephora! It's not only addicting, it makes makeup, cheaper, easy, FUN and, well, addicting. XP *Don't forget to buy airbrush cleaner and brushes, and make up jars for your new concoctions if you go this route!
  • I am just mixing in my hand.  But actually, I don't think I love the product.  May be better to use my own foundation for mixtures.
  • What do you use?! It just occurred to me you must know about some pretty rad foundation. And whatever brand it is does it come in ghostly pale?
  • My current favorite foundation is Laura Mercier flawless fluide.  And yes, I think it comes in some pretty light shades.
  • I will have to Google that. Ty.
  • What I like about it is that it doesn't feel like anything on the skin but it does give some coverage.
  • That's nice, I HATE heavy stuff. How is it on break outs? Have you left it on over night yet? I have like super bi-polar skin, it's typically fine, but when it decides to be fussy, it's actively so, and foundation seems to enhance the issue, even the skin correcting stuff.
  • I don't really break out much (other than rosacea).  I can only tell you that it's very matte, almost drying.  In case that helps.  But that doesn't mean it won't break you out.
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