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A question for cosmetic scientists

What is it that you guys, (Perry and You) do? Specifically. I know I can google it on a job description website, along with what you make on average, but I'm more interested in how you guys, make products, test or design, what kind of guidelines you're given and from where, as well as what kind of dead lines do you deal with.Is there a lot of new stuff all the time, or is it more of a standard routine, but new projects? Is it super competitive, is there a lot of company pressures?

(I ask because I recently took an in depth career test, and guess what I got?!!!, and I'm more trying to get an insider's perspective on things that I can't really google other than what I can get from lurking on Chemist's Corner. I'm doing that too.)


  • I think this podcast will answer most of your questions: What does a cosmetic scientist do? Episode 50.  

    Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know. 
  • I have a few more.

    -Perry mentioned he does a lot of self-experimenting. What is your preferred go-to, "fix-it", product(s) for hair, and skin, for when selfie-experiments don't work out. This question is SUPER critical for me, because I do a loooot of hands on work with mixed media art, that just thrashes my hair, skin, and nails, all the time, and any advise, I just realized, from people who may have some fix it quick exp, would be great.

    -Can microbiologists work jointly in product development, like you guys in a company?

    -What do you clean equipment, glassware, etc with? And why do not just run some equip (glass, metal) through an industrial sized dishwasher, or something? ( I hate dishes!)

    -What product type do you have the most exp creating? (Hair care, right?)

    Do you get marketing perspective/insight like marketing research, from our questions and concerns on this site for your job?

    How important would you place people skills for the job.... scale of 1-10, 10 being super crit?

    Regulatory dept? what's that exactly?

    Is there like any companies that are super awesome to work for, and which one are pretty terrible and should be avoided?

    Are there any restrictions besides the FDA and the "Darksider's" (aka, marketing team's) demands, and what needs to happen to make the product safe effective and sustainable to developing a novel and unprecedented product, like is there a perfume dept that need to stink it up, budget concerns, or does the company just have specific plans in mind for a product and you can't really deviate too radically from them?
  • BTW, you and Perry were hilarious. I'm not I caught the point of the story about how you rubbed the model up with balloons. I am pretty sure it's because it was the best day at work ever though. I nearly shot coffee out my nose, when it got to the the part about the panties. :P

    Oh and the cosmetics quiz, 9/10 :/
  • Glad you enjoyed the show. Sorry but I don't have time right now to answer all those other questions but I can tell you that most of our expertise is in hair care. 
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