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Pine tar for eczema

Is there any evidence that the pine tar or coal tar used in
shampoo/soap/lotion helps reduce eczema? If so, can anyone suggest an effective
product? (In any form shampoo/soap/lotion).


  • I couldn't find any evidence about pine tar being used for eczema, although I did see some references to using coal tar (Nothing definitive though). Based on what I found, it looks like hydrocortisone is more frequently used to treat symptoms. 
  • Hi, Randy. Thanks for the prompt response. At
    this point of time I cannot use hydrocortisone topical
    looking for some other options/ingredients that can help alleviate the symptoms
    of eczema.

  • I see. It sounds like you should check with a dermatologist then. Good luck!
  • Yeah, I will eventually see a
    dermatologist. Meanwhile I was wondering if there are any other actives present
    in the nature. I heard creams containing colloidal oatmeal, Borage seed oil, Allantoin are helpful. 

  • Those ingredients are all alleged to have skin soothing properties but they're not proven to work for eczema. 
  • Yes , that’s true. I tried borage seed oil
    with Zinc oxide powder (Caldesene Skin
    Protectant Powder-zinc oxide + talc) .I had a significant relief of symptoms,
    but did not do anything to the problem.

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