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What categories would you like us to use to organize information on the website?

As you can see if you're been to the blog lately, our sidebar is a bit of a mess. That's because our we had to reset the theme which caused us to lose a bunch of formatting, including our categories. 

I've set up a few new categories just as a "place holder" but before I go back and resort all 1,000 posts that we've published, I thought I'd ask you guys what new categories you'd like to see. 

For example, posts could be organized by product category: 
Skin moisturizer
Acne cream

Or, posts could be organized by problem/solution: 
Frizzy hair
Dry skin
Acne blemishes

Or maybe by body part? 

Do you guys have any suggestions on how you'd like us to present information? Thanks in advance for your input! 


  • I think I'd like a combination of being able to search for specific products AND / OR specific conditions...

    So I do like the broad categories idea like 

    Lip Balms (hint hint)

    because I think the products is what I would be searching for most of the time...

    But within those categories I'd like to be able to search for specific conditions (dry hair, dry skin, etc.) - tags might be better for this so you don't end up with a zillion categories.

  • Good idea about the tags. I'll check with our IT department about that. 
  • Does any body else have category suggestions? 
  • I prefer by product category, e.g., sunscreen, hair products, etc.
  • I also prefer by category with tags as mentioned above.
  • First, regarding categories. Here are the ones we're considering. What does everyone think? 

    Conditioners and treatments
    Hair color
    Other hair products and problems

    Anti-aging and facial treatments
    Makeup and color cosmetics
    Soap and body wash
    Skin moisturizers
    Acne products
    Sunscreens and self tanners
    Other skin products and problems

    Natural products
    Beauty myths and secrets of the beauty biz
    Money saving tips
    Health and safety

    Second, it looks like our Theme does support tags. Any suggestions on what tags you guys like to see? 
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    Organization is so subjective...and I can't quite put my finger on it, but I am not loving the above...

    It's almost like hair and skin are so broad they don't really do a great deal to make it easier to zoom in on what you may be looking for. And some I'd break out into their own category, rather than clumping a lot of things into "other".

    What about something like this.

    Natural products
    Skin Moisturizers
    Soaps and Cleansers

    Dryness (skin)
    Dryness (hair)

    Saving money 
    Health and Safety

    BEAUTY MYTHS (if you think there is a lot of writing/subjects to cover under this one category - otherwise you could do one category MYTHS AND SECRETS - so it's not so long - and put all articles having to do with myths and secrets under that)

    SECRETS OF THE BEAUTY BIZ (same as above, as far as possibly combining with myths)

  • Thanks for the input Gina. Like you said organization is subjective. It's really tough to make all of our content easy to find without having a zillion categories to sort though. 

    I agree that "hair" and "skin" are too broad to be categories themselves. I just meant them to be headings for groups of categories, if that makes sense. I wonder if it's better to group product categories by type (e.g., hair or skin) or rather to just list each product type alphabetically, regardless of whether it's hair or skin. (Which is the way you did it.) 

    I like your "General tips and Advice" heading for things like saving money. 

    This discussion is really helpful in shaping my thoughts on this. I wish other people would chime in!
  • NP Randy, glad to be of help, even if just to bounce off ideas.

    If this was my choice, I'd do it by products - mostly because my feeling is the categories won't be "endless" even if you include cosmetic procedures (lasers, fillers, etc.) and because I think listing by products does a decent job of helping you find what you might be looking for fairly quickly.

    If you do that then you could also have tags to get more detailed - although I think it will be easier to visualize tags once you get the categories down.
  • I think creating categories by product is the way to go. Since something like "natural" cuts across a number of different product types maybe that should be a tag instead of a category of its own. 

    Following that thought, "saving money" posts will always be about saving money on a certain type of product, so maybe that should be a tag as well. 

    Health and safety (which can be written about without reference to specific products) probably needs a category of its own. 

    Following that logic I'm not sure if Beauty Myths should be a category or a tag.   

    Other tags could include more specific types of products (for example a "mascara" tag on a post that's in the "Makeup and Color Cosmetics" category.) Tags could also include specific hair and skin problems like "split ends" and "eczema." 

  • edited June 2015
    I am liking everything you're coming up with.

    Good point on the "saving money" - and yes, I agree that following that logic Beauty Myths should be a tag. However, the reason I also like it as a category is that I think it will draw interest and get people clicking (everyone likes to read about Beauty Myths and mistakes and secrets!) 

    I like Health and Safety as a category for the reason you mention (and also because I think it will draw interest, like Beauty Myths).

    Agree on where you're going with the tags...that is the beauty of can have one article in the shampoo category that can be tagged with so many different things - dry hair, split ends, etc.
  • Thanks again for the input, Gina. I'm going putting together a proposal on categories and tags to review with Perry. Once we align on something we'll make changes to the website, so stay tuned! 
  • You're very welcome, Randy.  I look forward to seeing the end result!      
  • I would like an organization schema with product types as the menu categories, with tags for concerns & ingredients as well! Some other useful tags might be alcohol-free, parabens-free, fragrance-free, etc.
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