Kill germs by microwaving a sponge?‏

Hi Randy & Perry!
I recently purchased a beauty blender sponge and remember seeing people saying you could kill germs in it by microwaving it after dampening it (or putting it in a bowl of water). I googled this to see if this is a myth or not, but I got conflicting answers. Can you kill germs in a sponge by microwaving it?


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    This question has come up before. (Actually, you emailed me about this before.) We're looking into it but have not had time to find a definitive answer. Stay tuned. 
  • Ah ok. I thought my email had gone into spam or something, thus why I posted it in the forum (though quite a bit later..) :)
  • It's good to have this in the Forum so everyone can see it. As soon as I can find some definitive answer I'll post it here. 
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