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vitamin C in the bath?

Hi BB, 
I have read about vitamin C being good for your face.  What about putting it in the bath water?  I heard something about it neutralizing chlorine.  What I want to know is if it will give you the same benefits that it does for your face, if I put L-Ascorbic Acid Powder in my bath water.  I know the concentration will not be exact and will be lower.


  • I think putting ascorbic acid in your bath water is a waste of money compared to using a good vitamin C lotion. I say that for two reasons: 

    1. The organic "stuff" in the bath water (either surfactants or gunk off your body) will "use up" the vitamin C's antioxidant capacity. 

    2. Soaking in a bath tub for a few minutes won't deliver very much Vitamin C compared to applying a lotion that stays on your skin for much longer. 
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