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moisturizing ingredients?

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I'm still trying to figure out why I find this product   moisturizing.  I've tried layering a moisturizer under it, but it just feels like too much.  So Paula contends there is nothing in it that moisturizes skin, but I noticed that this   is the third ingredient.  Would this protect skin from water loss?  


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    Nevermind--ignore this comment...
  • Capryl/Caprylic triglyceride is a mild surfactant, not an occlusive agent so the answer is no. It contains dimethicone which is an occlusive and an OTC approved skin protectant. 
  • Hmm, okay, thanks, Randy.  I'm wondering if maybe I need to either find a lighter moisturizer to wear under it, or just use moisturizer very sparingly on my cheeks which are my dry areas.  I definitely turn into an oil slick after about an hour if I do my regular moisturizing routine under this sunscreen.  Today I tried it on its own (no moisturizer) with a mattifying foundation and powder over it, and I still didn't seem to be too dry.  And I have normal/combo skin--not oily by most people's standards.
  • Mild surfactant? I could've sworn people use it as an emollient.
  • It can be used as an emollient as well but it has some surfactancy. 
  • What is an emollient?
  • An emollient makes skin feel smoother and softer. It may also help other ingredients spread better. It may or may not actually reduce transepidermal water loss. 
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