Nail polish peels off in sheets despite being applied thinly with base coat and top coat

Hi Beauty Brains,

I've recently had this issue especially with 3-free nail polish. The top and base coats also are 3-Free. Application is 2 thin coats of nail polish and I allow at least half an hour for drying time of the base coat and nail colour. Also could there be an incompatibility between the polish and the base and top coats. Also can you use 3-free base and top coats with the non 3-free nail polish ?

Thanks Tania (aka LittleTabby).


  • Just these two to be answered please:

    1. Is there such thing as incompatibility between base coat/ top coat and nail polish formulas and do you have to use the same brand for all 3 ?

    2.  Can you use 3-free base and top coats with the non 3-free nail polish ? 

    The original issue occurred as my hand were still a bit damp from water when I applied the polish.


  • All your information for all my questions has been very helpful and very much appreciated !
  • Glad we could help, Tabby. We're not really experts in nail polish application so I honestly don't know the answer to your last two questions. Maybe another forum member does?
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