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Can cosmetic products stimulate oil secretion?

I've noticed that if I don't wear a liquid foundation, I rarely need to blot my skin as it does not seem to be that oily.  But if I wear a liquid foundation, especially certain ones, my skin becomes an oily mess after a few hours.  Even supposedly mattifying foundations that don't go on oily at all (just after applying, skin looks matte).  So I wonder if, rather than being something IN the foundation, it is my skin's reaction to it--as though my skin is trying to wash it off?  Is this possible?


  • There's an ongoing controversy about whether or not the presence of oil on the surface of skin can cause oil glands to produce less sebum. But I've never seen anything that suggests that whats on the surface of skin makes the glands produce MORE oil. 

    Just because a product looks matte right after you apply doesn't mean much. There could be oils or liquid esters in the product that still make your skin feel oily. 
  • Thanks, Randy!  I think what I was wondering, in part, was whether irritation from cosmetic products can stimulate the skin to produce more oil, almost in an effort to protect itself (like a skin defense mechanism, lol).  It seems like it happens to me with powder makeup too, that the more of it I put on, the more oily I get.  My skin seems least oily with nothing on it.  Weird.
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