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Exfoliate lips: Yay or nay?

Cheers guys!

First of all, a big hello from a fan from Spain (so from now on please excuse my English). I'm a big fan of the blog and podcast and really appreciate the work you do, so keep it up!

On to the questions! :)

My shyness prevents me from sending audio notes for the multiple questions I'll be posting next. I haven't found answers for them in the blog (and no reliable answers elsewhere), so excuse me if they demonstrate my complete lack of scientific background (hey, Arts major here!). If by any chance any of them is helpful to you, I will be happy to make an effort and get my Spanish accent out of the closet for you guys and send an audio note :)

So, the first one is simple: should one exfoliate lips? Does it promote healthy lips in the way properly exfoliating skin everywhere else does? If so, what's the way? Chemical? (Ouch. OUCH!) 

 I'm finding contradicting info about it. Most people recommend it (even the Cosmetics Cop sells a scrub to this effect ) and some say that one should never do it as the skin in the lips is a mucous membrane, such as this doctor I don't have the pleasure of knowing:

I don't necessarily trust doctors per se and I don't necessarily trust people trying to sell products, so, who you gonna call? THE BEAUTY BRAINS!

More questions coming this way :) Thanks! 


  • I'm not a brain, but I personally do nothing to my lips except moisturize them and wear lip sunscreen (actually, a two in one product, lip balm/sunscreen).
  • I agree with Sarah. For delicate skin like the lips, the better solution is to moisturize rather than exfoliate. 
  • This was very helpful for me - I had used some gritty lipsticks that had made my lips dry and flaky.  I gently scrubbed my lips with a soft toothbrush and then put on lip balm - problem solved ! 

    Thanks for posting this question and thanks to the replies.

  • Thanks a lot for the replies guys. Now, to spread the word.
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