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How moisturizing is this product?

Hi Randy,

I like the feel of this on my skin, but how moisturizing is it really? Would love if you'd take a look at the ingredients (whenever you get a chance) and give me your thoughts on it.



  • It contains cholesterol and ceramides which are a GREAT combination. I can't tell if they use them in the proper ratio but if you like the way it makes your skin feel and you can afford it...go for it! 
  • Thanks Randy.'s expensive...but it really does feel good on, better than any of the straight oils I sometimes use. And I can even wear this under makeup if I wait long enough for it to absorb.

    When using this - (I know I've read this somewhere on your site but can't locate it now :/) should I put this on first and then a regular moisturizer on top, or the reverse?

    (Hmmm...maybe an FAQ might be good to add to the categories! I am sure you get the SAME questions over and over!)
  • Hmmm. A FAQ is an interesting idea. We have to do SOMETHING to better curate our content. 

    I would apply the ceramide cream first but to be honest I'm not sure if if makes a big difference. 
  • OK thanks Randy!
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