mystery solved--expletive

So I wrote earlier because I was concerned that my pure physical sunscreen wasn't at all whitening.  I was worried that maybe it wouldn't protect me.  It claims on the tube to "self-adjust to your skin tone," but in the hand, it is stark bluish-white.  So today I applied it to my chest with my cream colored pajama top still on, thinking it's white, so what harm could it do?  It turned my pj top brownish-orange everywhere it contacted it.  So there's a tint hidden in that white substance.  What is going on?


  • It's tough to say without seeing the ingredient list. There not necessarily a "tint hidden in that white substance." It could also be that some other ingredient is reacting with the PJ top to cause a stain. 
  • Thanks, Randy.  Here are the ingredients.  It does list "iron oxide."  Weird that you can't see it in the hand at all though.  It isn't even faintly pink/brown--just white looking.
  • That is odd but iron oxides could certainly account for the orange staining. 
  • Is it possible they encapsulate the tint somehow??  It is so weird how it doesn't show up until it hits your skin/clothes.
  • I just googled "encapsulated tint," and up came a review of this product!  The review describes it as follows:  "This non-greasy sunscreen also features micro-encapsulated pigment spheres that self-adjust to the color of your skin tone to deliver light, skin-perfecting coverage."
  • Could it be something like this?’s-new-encapsulated-pigments-products-CameleonCaps™-at-the-In-Cosmetics-2015.htm?Id=658441
  • Anyway, fortunately, I got the stains out of my top.  I'll post separately about that process.
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