Is it normal to "sweat" after application of Glycolic Acid?

Hello Beauty Brains!

I'm a 42 year-old woman experiencing precocious perimenopause - and my skin has been a total disaster for the last year (acne and wrinkles ).  I'm slowly building a routine that is focused on getting the best from my skin. Previously, I just covered-up and filled-in  wrinkles with drugstore silicone & spackle  aging creams for instant results. Now, thanks to you and a mature video blogger (Hot & Flashy) I'm learning that there are soooo many more options!

For the last two and a half weeks I've been applying a 12% Glycolic Acid Cream at night, and I'm just beginning to see fantastic results (clear skin, less acne, no more blackheads).  I haven't had what one would call any negative reactions  - just a little heat for a few minutes after application.

BUT, one thing I noticed is that immediately after I apply the creme, I get small pearls of "sweat" on every pore.  Is this normal?  Is this dehydrating my skin? 

Thanks for the opportunity to ask!!


P.S.  Here is the INCI of the Cream, in case it matters - it's from an EcoBio Italian outfit called Fitocose:

Aqua - Aloe barbadensis gel*- Glycolic acid - Squalane(da olio di oliva) - Cetearyl Alcohol - Ammonium glycolate - Coco caprylate - Butyrospermum parkji butter*- C 14-22 Alkylalcohol - C 12-20 Alkylglucoside(emulsionante ottenuto da olio di palma e cocco e amido di manioca) - Glycerin - Xanthan gum - Potassium cetyl phosphate -  Sodium dehyroacetate - Rosmarinus officinalis extract - Brassica napus seed oil - Sodium phytate - Profumo
*da agricoltura biologica

P.P. S I mentioned this cream in a comment of the BHA Post - and one of the brains commented that it was a very high concentration - the manufacturer only recommends using it for 28 days. After which, I still haven't figured out what I will do for the next month.


  • Hi Pazzaglia, I've never heard of the "sweating" problem that you described. Glycolic acid is hygroscopic which means it can attract moisture from the air so maybe that's the cause?

    I'll look into it and if I can find any further information I'll post it here. 

  • Well, I live in a pretty humid are very close to the Mediterranean Sea that gets even more humid during the summer.  So, could the cream be actually be attracting humidity to the surface of the skin?  The "pearls" are very, very small and they are evenly distributed on the surface.

    If you don't find anything in literature, perhaps the only way to be sure is to see what happens when I apply it in the winter!


  • Well, I just wanted to confirm that it doesn't happen in the fall - so it was definitely the cream's reaction to the atmospheric humidity!!


  • Thanks, very interesting! 
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