Keeping the eyelids moisturized and supple

Hi Beauty Brains :)

Are there any easy single ingredients I can apply to the eyelids to keep them moisturized?
(or effective, inexpensive eye creams).

I know you're not supposed to use anything too heavy in the eye area so I end up never moisturizing them and I notice they get dry patches sometimes.

Thank you!


  • I personally use cerave pm lotion all over my face, including the eye area.  But I skip the (upper) eyelids because my lids are super oily--never, ever dry.
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    I actually been doing this too - I use the CeraVe Baby Moisturizing Lotion though - and it's been working OK.

    I think the dry patches were being caused by the new Mac shadow I was using as primer - have to return that...

    Now I want to find a SUNSCREEN to put on my lids - I tried my mdsolarsciences tinted one, which works OK if I don't try to wear makeup over it...but if I put any eyeliner or mascara it slips right off my lids (I know you're not surprised by this!) I should add that some sunscreens that are marketed to be very water resistant dry out my lids if I put them on several days in a row.
  • For eye area sunscreen, I'm having good results with the Elta MD UV Physical.  With that said, it is a kind of moisturizing sunscreen, so I can't vouch for it working for everyone on the lids.  The other thing that is working for me is the Laura Mercier caviar sticks (love, love).  They stay on my oily lids.  Also, I use a tube forming mascara, so it never runs or smears.  It doesn't budge until I take it off with warm water.  For liner, I'm working on that.  More about that in a separate post...
  • Yeah, I used a mac product as a primer that also was kind of drying and emphasized the crepey-ness of my lids.  What was it called?  It wasn't paint pot, I think it was just mac paint.  Supposed to be good for oily lids, but I couldn't really get it to do much for me.  Then again, I don't have the patience for primers of any kind most of the time:)
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