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I wanna be a cosmetic scientist

Hey, I will be a high senior after this summer and still can't decide what major to study in college. I want to be a cosmetic chemist (this website is amazing), but i don't know which major would be the best for that career. BSc Applied Chemistry, Chemistry, or chemical engineering?

I'd love to hear suggestions from anyone, thx! (:


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    Any of those majors could lead to a career in cosmetic chemistry. The C.E. degree would be more helpful if you want to go into the processing/manufacturing side of the business. 

    Our sister website, has more resources geared toward careers in our field. You might find more help there. 

    Good luck!!

    PS Thanks for saying our site is amazing! If you haven't already done so, check out our podcast on iTunes and right a review for us if you can. 
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