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CC cream

Hi there!
I don't like to wear foundation or anything heavy but would love to find a BB/CC cream that evens out my skin tone and makes my skin look more luminous yet matte. 
Do you have any recommendations of good products or suggestions what to look for? 
If I can find a good quality product for a reasonable price, even better!
Also, I read some scary stuff about chemical sunscreen so maybe physical would be better..?
Thank you!


  • I'll leave it our other Forum members to chime in with specific product recommendations but I can say that the "scary stuff" you've heard about UV absorbers is mostly fear mongering. Using a physical sunscreen is fine but don't feel like you can never use a "chemical" sunscreen. 
  • Thank you, Randy, it is certainly a huge relief to have found this blog that doesn't make me run to to the bathroom, throw everything out and replace it with natural alternatives like a few other blogs and books suggest. 
  • Milka - here are 3 that have been recommended to ME:

    -Physicians Formula Super BB Cream SPF 30
    -Physician's Formula Super CC Color-Correction SPF 30
    -Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

    I own them all - they are all OK (keep in mind in general I'm not impressed with BB or CC creams - they are never quite the right tint for me - but I do like these better than others I've tried - plus the Physician's Formula ones are unscented - a big plus in my book. Out of the 3 the Missha provides the most coverage - if you ask for samples they'll send you some).
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